Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 Leaks: Yuji Tears Apart Sukuna As Mei Mei And Todo Join Forces

Jujutsu Kaisen 260

The chapter begins with a brief explanation of Todo: his missing arm had been replaced by an instrument called Vibraslap. Thanks to his bionic arm, Todo can now trigger Boogie Woogie on 50 people in less than a minute. The narrator then reveals that Todo successfully rescued everyone from Sukuna’s domain by using his revamped Cursed Technique. Following this, the actual fight begins as he teams up with Yuji to unleash great force on the King of Curses.

Sukuna was taken aback by their combined attacks and went on to admit that Todo’s sudden appearance in the battle caught him off-guard. The latter uses his CT to swap Yuji, leaving Sukuna baffled. Yuji then lands a powerful kick on the latter, who realizes that it’s impossible to grasp Todo’s attack times. The King of Curses then tries reading his mind, but to no avail, as Mei Mei arrives just in time to prove him wrong.

Todo then tricks Sukuna into thinking Yuji swapped with Mei Mei’s crows. Though he fell victim to their bluff, he realized that it was a hoax, but it was already too late. Yuji seizes the moment to land a Black Flash, piercing Sukuna’s chest and tearing him apart. Sukuna then tries to expand his domain but sees a mysterious figure, similar to Gojo. While it’s not confirmed whether the legendary character returns from the dead, Sukuna may hallucinate.

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